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Ashira is a specialized program guiding students towards success within the hallways of a Bais Yaakov high school.


Entering high school
should be an exciting time,
but as a parent, you have hesitations...

You want your daughter to shine and excel.
You want her in a Bais Yaakov environment.
You want her to participate in extracurricular programming.

But, you worry.

Will she get lost in the crowd?
Will her academic needs be met?
Will her unique successes be celebrated?


A Solution Called Ashira

The Ashira program was founded in 2015 on one fundamental belief- that every Bais Yaakov girl deserves the opportunity and resources to be educated alongside her peers while receiving the support services she needs to excel. For nearly a decade, we have been helping students who need academic support to not just survive, but to thrive, within a mainstream Bais Yaakov high school setting.

Our stellar staff is hand-picked and each girl's daily schedule is custom-made to foster her growth and boost her skills. With her personalized support system and passionate cheering squad, an Ashira student is motivated to believe and achieve.

Because at Ashira, it's all about the individual.

"At Ashira, we believe in each girl's potential to succeed and feel privileged to participate in the process."

~ Mrs. Bracha Cohen
Founder and Director of Ashira

The Ashira Distinction

Small Class Sizes

Small Class Sizes

There's no such thing as getting lost in the crowd. Each class is limited to 6-8 students. This ensures that each student is catered to, cared for and constantly motivated to succeed.

Robust Regents Curriculum

Robust Regents Curriculum

Our curriculum mirrors a typical high school curriculum in both Limudei Kodesh and Limudei Chol. Each girl learns on a custom track that's tailored to her pace and place.

Full High School Experience

Full High School Experience

Ashira students participate in all BYHS extra-curricular activities. Whether it's production, Shabbatons, trips, etc, they are fully integrated—giving them countless opportunities to develop their skills and talent, while having fun.


"She is recognized for her strengths while simultaneously challenged to stretch out of her comfort zone."

We chose Ashira based on its individualized approach to educating the whole child, not only from an academic standpoint but with a focus on social and emotional well being. The entire staff is clearly knowledgeable and passionate about their respective content areas, and about chinuch as it impacts all aspects of a child. We are truly grateful for this educational opportunity for our daughter where she is recognized for her strengths while simultaneously challenged to stretch out of her comfort zone and strive to maximize her potential every day.

— Mrs. P.J., Ashira Parent

Meet the people
who make it all possible

Bracha Cohen, M. Ed

Bracha Cohen, M. Ed


"My greatest satisfaction comes from seeing students push themselves beyond their limits and accomplish things that they never imagined possible."

Mrs. Cohen is the founder, the face, and the heart behind Ashira. Working in the field of Special Education for nearly 20 years, she saw the need for a specialized program for high school students. An expert teacher and mentor, Mrs. Cohen is respected by the parent body for her keen understanding of each student and loved by "her girls" for the warmth and attention she showers upon them daily.

Zahava Wiener, Ph.D.

Zahava Wiener, Ph.D.

Associate Director

"I am dedicated to finding and implementing whatever it takes to make our girls successful."

Prior to joining the stellar staff at Ashira, Dr. Wiener served as a school psychologist for 10 years. Then, as a college professor at Daeman College, she taught graduate level courses on learning disabilities and methods of differentiated instruction. Her wealth of hands on experience and expertise is something she applies daily to the work she does with Ashira's students and teachers.

"From first grade through eighth, school has always been hard for me. When I met Dr. Wiener and Mrs. Cohen, I knew that my challenges were all over. They have been guiding me through every step of the way and the teachers individualize each class based on my needs."

~ Ashira student


An eye on
A focus on

Our students' day-to-day success is our primary goal. Yet, we know that after leaving the cozy confines of high school, the real world awaits.

Ashira students are prepared to tackle life beyond graduation.

Here's how we help them transition successfully:

Support in seminary placement

Support in seminary placement

Our team meets with each student and her family to discuss and explore appropriate seminary options in the U.S. and in Eretz Yisroel, holding each student's hand through the process.

Explore college options

Explore college options

Students who plan to pursue further education upon graduation have the support and guidance of our staff. We guide them through the entire process from application to interviews and beyond.

Discover career opportunities

Discover career opportunities

Our program encourages the students to learn about different career possibilities by exposing them to various professions within our community. Our graduates enjoy rewarding careers in the field of education, the beauty industry, and more!

Keep a constant connection

Keep a constant connection

High school may just be four years, but the Ashira family stays intact and in touch after graduation and beyond. The warmth, camaraderie, and support envelope our alumni and enable them to keep going and growing.

“Ashira changed the course of our daughter’s life.”

From our very first phone call with Mrs. Cohen, it was apparent that Ashira was a place where our daughter would be fully accepted for who she is. Our daughter had so much potential and we knew that she needed to be understood and respected in order for her to succeed.

Ashira changed the course of our daughter’s life. She has grown to believe in herself, to embrace challenges, to persevere, and most of all to be truly happy inside.


— Mrs. W.
Ashira parent

“The lifelong relationships built between the students and teachers last beyond the high school experience.”

It’s several years post high-school, and our daughter continues to maintain a close relationship with Mrs. Cohen. There is no doubt that the lifelong relationships built between the students and teachers last beyond the high school experience.


— Mrs. A.
Ashira parent

Instead of failure, frustration, and fear
Let her strive, succeed, and soar

Ashira, where her bright future beckons

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